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Residential Solar Systems

Low cost systems, designed as per your needs.

Our home solar systems are cost effective. so you can recover your investments in a small amount of time.

our experts will design the systems keeping your needs in check, so you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your command.

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Commercial Solar Systems

Industrial grade systems to undergo though commercial conditions.

Clean and low cost energy which is good for the environment as compared to traditional furnace fuel sources. Built keeping in  mind the tough surroundings of installation.

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UPS/Solar Inverters

Technological robust & reliable Ups/Solar inverters with smart uninterrupted power supply.

We offer a wide range of Ups/Solar inverters to suit a specific needs of each facility. In addition, because of our advanced technology & versatile design, it is possible to connect different devices found in homes, offices and businesses with a single device.

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Solar Street Lights

Portable Solar Lanterns And DC Home Systems

Solar led lights and lanterns for study, desk work, walk with etc.

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Solar Panels

High-Efficiency Design Minimizes Weight While Providing a Durable Protective Environment for the Solar Cells


Weatherproof: Front & Rear Surfaces and Junction Box
Completly Sealed From Moisture with Silicone Sealant

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Portable Solar Lanterns and Dc Home Systems/Kits

Buil-in over-current/short circuit protection,open circuit protection

Roving Blackouts or Power Outage
Home Backup Lighting, Vehicle Roadside Emergency

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