Future Of Lighting

Shaan Tech Solar  is manufactures of Creative and Innovative Solar panels and Solar based Products since 1998 in Pakistan. Designing, developing and manufacturing of solar panels and solar energy systems. Further, we are also affiliated with LEDtronics inc. (USA) which has been leader of designing and manufacturing of Environment friendly LED based products since 1983.

ECO friendly Organization

ShaanTech Solar is well known organization located in Karachi, Pakistan. Working on latest technologies to produce high efficient solar products for homes and industries. Our 1.5 Kilowatt Solar Panel Bank provides sufficient power to energize LED Lights. By using solar powered LED lamps, ShaanTech Solar not only reduced their electricity bill but is also doing its small part in support of the Go Green Revolution aimed at reducing the carbon foot print on the Earth.


  • Provide Clean, Energy Efficient & Environmentally Safe LED Lighting and Solar Energy Panels
  • Utilize Our Innovative Skills to Address Our Customer’s Need
  • Present the Correct and Most Beneficial Solution for Our Customer’s Need
  • Make Available Our Technical Resources When Needed Well After the Sale