Solar-Powered LED 3-Bulb Lighting System

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  • Using industrial grade master control chip
  • Complete three stage PVM charging management
  • Built in over-current/ Short circuit protection, Open circuit protection
  • USB cell phone charging cables and connectors included
  • Design for indoor use
  • Kit warranty 1 Year
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  • Emitted Color True White
  • Light Source (Lamps) 1.2W*3Pcs
  • Solar panel 5 Watts Poly-Crystalline
  • Total Lumens 320 lm
  • Viewing Angle 3 x 40°
  • Battery 6.4V/4500mAh LiFePO4 battery
  • Brand FuturaSun


  • Emergency Roving Blackouts or Power Outage
    Home Backup Lighting, Vehicle Roadside Emergency
  • Off-Grid Sites Remote Cabins, Offshore Oil Platforms
  • Marine & Boating
  • Recreational Vehicle or Motor Homes / Cabins
  • Nature Enthusiasts Campers & Hunters
  • Disasters Earthquake and Hurricane Emergency Kits


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